Tonight I started out by aligning the tailwheel spring attachment to the very aft bulkhead, the F-712. The plans tell you to wait until installing the vertical stabilizer with drilling the bolt holes, but I decided to go ahead and drill the lower one, since it is traced from the bulkhead tooling hole. I only drilled it to #12 though (4.8mm), I will ream it to final size and drill the last two holes when I fit the vertical stabilizer.



With the attachment fixed to the bulkhead, I could drill the two keeper rivet holes (clecoed in this photo). After that I riveted the bulkhead together using my squeezer.

Then I moved on to the next bulkhead. I aligned the attachment with the bulkhead and backdrilled the 2 boltholes. I only drilled these to #12 too, I want to see how the bulkheads align when clecoed to the skin before reaming to final size.



Finally I riveted the F-711 bulkhead together as well. The tail-cone skin needs to be modified for the tailwheel spring before I can fit it. More on that soon… 😀