I set out to finish the horizontal stabilizer tonight. Most of it was just repeating the work from last night, so it went pretty well.

First I clecoed on the left skin. I know it looks like the right skin, but the stab is upside down! 😉

Then I blindriveted the center ribs to the forward spar.

After that I riveted the outboard rib to the forward spar.

Then I riveted the skin to the ribs and forward spar. With all of the inside riveting done, it was time to install the aft spar.

All of the rivets in the aft spar I was able to set with the rivet squeezer. Piece a cake!!! Thats it, the horizontal stabilizer is done!! 😀

Just another photo of both stabilizers together. I wish I had a fuselage to install them on! 😉