I leaktested the left tank as soon as I got home from work today, unfortunately it had a small leak at the baffle lower flange, approximately in the middle of the tank. I wanted to take it apart right away, but I had an appointment I had to attend to. I didn’t get back until around 9:15pm, but went straight to work on it. About 1½ hour later the baffle and Z-brackets were removed and everything cleaned up. Not a great way to spend the evening, but it’s times like these you have to look for the bright sides…, the sealant was still not fully cured, therefor easier to clean off; the whole thing went pretty easy. Having spend all these years drilling out rivets at work paid of here.
So, what went wrong? First of all, I think I mixed my sealant with a little too much hardener. I mixed 30g of base with 3g of hardener, but my scale isn’t the most accurate, and it could have been 3.5g
Also, the bead of sealant I applied on the tank skin, could have been larger. Finally, I think this job is better to do on a saturday or sunday, not a weekday after 8 hours of work. For now I will finish riveting the right tank end ribs, and postpone the closing to the weekend.