I finished the right tank tonight. It all went pretty good, I made a few changes compared to the left tank.
After having cleaned all the parts with MEK, I mixed up 40g of sealant (+4g of hardener). First I applied a light coat around the rivet holes on the rib aft flanges. Then I laid out the beads of sealant on the skin and end ribs…

Before installing the baffle, I brushed some sealant on the bend radius’ to ensure a good bond to the skin. I didn’t do this on the other tank, but I am sure its a good idea. Just a very light coat. As you can see I used tape to make clean lines.

After that I installed the baffle and riveted it. Nothing new here, same as the other tank.

A look inside the tank, it’s hard to tell, but the sealant fillets came out much nicer than on the left tank.

After cleaning up my tools, I installed the drain valve in a bit of sealant

At last I installed the inspection cover. I applied sealant to the rib side of the gasket so it gets glued to the tank, and left the cover side clean. This way the cover can be removed, without breaking the seal. I also applied a little bit of sealant to each screw.