December 22, 2008

Ailerons skins & stiffeners

Category: Ailerons — Steffen @ 16:21 — Hours: 5

I started out on the ailerons today.

First thing to do is to trim the skin stiffeners. I cut them to length the other day, today I brought them with me to work and did the rest of the trimming on our bench shear. After I came back, I smoothened out the edges on my scotch deburring wheel.

Finally I could cleco them to the skins…

…and matchdrill them.

After matchdrilling, I deburred the skin holes and edges, and scuffed the skin for primer.

Last I deburred all the stiffener holes, and scuffed those as well. Ready for primer!!

By the way, I made the small aileron control rods the other day too, not a big deal really, cut the steel pipe to lenght, matchdrill to rodends and rivet. I sprayed some LPS2 in, before riveting on the last rodends, to prevent internal corrosion.


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