Having the c-frame dimpler completed, I decided to try and finish the vertical stabilizer today.

First I arranged the tables, so the dimpler would fit between them. This way it would be easier to move the skins around while dimpling them.

Then I dimpled the skins, it worked like a dream! 😀

Then I clecoed the forward spar and ribs to the skin and started riveting. I bought a swivel flush rivet set for riveting the skins. I have never tried one of these before, but I must say it works fantastic. Especially when you are riveting by yourself, it can be hard to hold the rivet gun perfectly straight at all times. With this set it doesn’t matter. Great tool.
Here I am finished riveting the forward spar.


After that I riveted the center rib. Here is a shot from inside. You need to rivet these, before putting on the rear spar. Otherwise you can’t reach them with the bucking bar.

Then the aft spar get installed. All the rivets on this can be reached with the squeezer. Most of the rivets in the upper and lower ribs could be reached with the squeezer as well, the rest I riveted with the rivet gun.
Finally, the first subcomponent is finished!!!