January 16, 2009

Flap control brackets

Category: Flaps — Steffen @ 23:36 — Hours: 1.5

Today I brought the flap control brackets with me to work, and made the 6° bend at our pro bending brake. This is what I ended up with:

With those bends done, I could matchdrill them to the flap assemblies. I put the flap in the cradles I made earlier. (I thought I would use them for the ailerons, but didn’t)


After the matchdrilling, I noticed that the inboard trailing edge of the left flap dipped a bit. Not as bad as some of the other builders had, like Brad here, but still. I am not sure if I am being to sensitive about this.. I think I’ll ask the good guys at Van’s. Maybe they have a neat trick to minimize it…


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