January 17, 2009

Finished preparing flap parts

Category: Flaps — Steffen @ 21:15 — Hours: 7.5

I spent all day in the shop today, determined to finish preparing all the flap parts. I had another look at the flap skin trailing edge I mentioned yesterday, and desided to go ahead and prepare it all, then try if I can minimize it a little bit by using my bending brake. We’ll see..

The first thing I did was make an aileron rigging fixture from one of the profiles I used for sealing the rudder trailing edge.

With the fixture installed in the tooling holes and the aileron bellcrank locked with the rigging template, the aileron trailing edge should line up with the center of the fixture, like this:

I installed the flap part of the hinge with a few cleco’s approximately where I thought it would end up.

Then I placed it on the wing and aligned it with the aileron.


With the flap aligned, I drilled a few holes in the wing part of the hinge. After that I removed the flap again, and matchdrilled the rest of the hinge to the flap.

Then I disassemblied the flap, and matchdrilled the last of the holes in the control bracket angle. The 3 holes towards the flange gets matchdrilled from the spar.

The left-most hole in the control bracket needs to be enlarged to 1/4″ for the control rod attachment bolt.

This is what it looks like after. The 2 small countersunk holes are for the control rod nutplate. (this is the bracket from the right flap)

Next I countersunk the spar lower flange holes. I clecoed on the hinge to pilot the countersink cutter.

After doing the same to the right aileron, I deburred all the holes. My back is killing me now, but I’m ready to prime it all! 🙂

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