January 19, 2009

Started riveting left flap

Category: Flaps — Steffen @ 21:45 — Hours: 3

I brought the primed flap parts back from work today and started building. First I dimpled all the parts, then I riveted on the control arm brackets.


Then I riveted the internal rib aft flanges to the bottom skin.


With those riveted, I clecoed the rest of the flap together, except the spar, and placed it in the cradle.

I riveted the skin joint first, then the ribs.

I found the easiest way to rivet the ribs, was to rivet the top flanges in the cradle, then remove the flap and put it on the table while riveting the bottom flanges.(I prefer holding the rivet gun with my right hand, and its easier to reach into the rib with the left hand this way!) I still need to rivet the outboard rib and the spar, but so far it looks good.

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