With the wings finished, it was now time to begin building the fuselage. I spent some time saturday and sunday going through the fuselage parts and digging out the parts for the firewall assembly, which is the first of the fuselage to build. I also aranged all the hardware, like rivets and screws in my storage cabinet. Here is most of the firewall parts laid out:

The first thing to manufacture was these sturdy reinforcement brackets, made from some extrusion. I trimmed them to size using my small pneumatic angle grinder, with a thin cutting wheel. A bandsaw would have been better, but since I don’t have one, the grinder had to do. After all, it’s better then the hacksaw. 😉 After some finetuning with a file, the scotchwheel and the Roloc grinder, they came out quite nice.

Next was easy, these small spacers only had to be edge smoothened, then matchdrilled to some stiffeners.


Here the reinforcement brackets has been installed and matchdrilled.

Most parts for the firewall are ready now…