I returned from Sweden on friday, but wasn’t feeling to great over the weekend, so nothing happened in the shop. Today I finally started feeling better, so I started of nice and slow by trimming the control stick bellcrank brackets. I went to look for a bandsaw while I was in Sweden, but the only one I found was really crappy. So instead I tried a different approach, and bought this cheap pneumatic bayonet saw. It was worth a try…

First I marked and drilled pilot holes, for the inside corners..

Then I enlarged them with my unibit

After that, I put one of the brackets in the vise, and used the bayonet saw to cut out the marked area. It wasn’t perfect, but it beat trying to cut it with a standard hacksaw.

Both brackets cut..

Now it was time to smoothen it out with files and sandpaper.

After a lot of work with files, sandpaper and scotchbrite, the finished brackets…