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Began F-705 bulkhead

With most of the parts for the center section bulkhead ready for primer, I started out on the next bulkhead, the F-705 bulkhead. This bulkhead supports a lot of things, like the wing aft spars, the flap control system, the seat belt brackets and the seat backs. I desided to prepare the parts for this too before priming.

I started by finding all the parts needed for this.

After that, I desided to spend some time making a board for the big fuselage layout drawing that came with the fuselage kit. It’s pretty cool to have it hanging there for reference…

Next I cut some angles to length. I used my new bayonet saw for this, it sure beats the hacksaw…

Last thing I did tonight was to cut these heavy duty angles. I found out that lubricating the blade with Boelube after every inch or so, really help a lot.

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  1. Munk

    Det er du sgu da god til! Kan du ikke lige lave et par stykker, nu når du er i gang:0) Rart at få tegningen op at hænge -fed tegning!

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