I am still working on the F-705 bulkhead, tonight I made the parts for the seatback detents. First I marked and drilled the outer holes in these angles, then I marked the 7 holes between and drilled them as well. These angles will act as the aft seat-back detent.



Next I had to cut two plates out of this piece of alu-sheet, that will form the forward seat-back detent.

The plate and shims for the forward seat-back detent trimmed and drilled.

The detents clecoed in place on the bulkhead upper part. It may be a little hard to imagine how this will work as seatback detents, have a look at the second picture on this page at Dan Checkoway’s site, it may give you an idea. Anyway, I still need to bend the plates about 4°, I will do that at work when I go and prime these parts. Shouldn’t be too long now…