Ok, other RV builders watching this site will probably have noticed the goof I made yesterday and had a good laugh about it!! 😕
Yes, when I installed the control horn, I accidently turned it the wrong way around! Dooh! Ah well, no harm done, I just had to drill out the 7 rivets attaching it to the spar and rivet it back on the right way. I guess I got a little bit carried away yesterday! 😉

Here is the rudder control horn installed correctly, along with the control horn reinforcement brace.

With that in place, I could install the skins and start riveting them on. I only riveted the left skin tonight. I need to get a piece of alu angle to cleco the trailing edge to while sealing it, in order to get it as straight as possible. I want to use the right skin as drill guide for this angle, so I havent dimpled the trailing edge on that skin yet. More on this in the next post.