Have I passed on?? Nope, I am still very much alive. The last 2 months has just been very very busy. Good news is, my wife is pregnant (some fellow builders told me that’s what happens when you don’t spend enough time with the project). Unfortunately her pregnancy keeps her in bed a lot, so my service is needed in the house a lot!
On top of that, my car boke down, so I had to buy me a newer one. Then our central heating broke down as well, that took some time too. Finally my fathers PA-28 was due for an engine overhaul, which also stole some of my time.

Anyway, most of the obstacles are cleared now, so I can start working a bit on the RV again, hopefully during Easter.

I had a great trip to Roskilde airport with my neighbour last Saturday. I heard that a bunch of former and current builders meet up there every Saturday morning, so I thought it was about time to pay them a visit. I am very glad I did. What a great bunch of guys!! I received a nice warm welcome. After only 15 minutes, one of the guys, Palle, offered me a ride in his beautiful RV-6A, OY-RVI. To be honest, and this is a little embarrassing, this was my first ride in a RV. What a great ride that was. Right from when he started it up, I could tell this was an awesome plane. When we got airborne I was blown away… 😀
Thanks a lot Palle!!




Picture from our trip back from Roskilde, the Piper became sooo much slower after the RV experience.. 😉