April 11, 2009

Finally back in the shop

Category: Bulkheads — Steffen @ 8:48 — Hours: 7

After over 7 weeks not building, I finally made it back in the shop yesterday. Actually I spent a few hours down there Thursday as well, just cleaning up and dusting of everything. Trust me, it needed it!! 😉

I started off by deburring all the edges of the fwd 3 bulkheads of the aft fuselage, F-706, F-707 & F-708. It is easier to do this before fluting, when the edges are straight. After deburring, I fluted all the bulkheads to get them nice and flat.

Then I fabricated this small angle, which is part of the support reinforcement for the elevator control bellcrank.

Next I cut two more angles for the elevator support. Here the first angle is clamped to the bellcrank support rib, ready for matchdrilling.

Before matchdrilling the small angle, I squared the reinforcement plate to the bellcrank rib.

I was moving along so fast I forgot to take photos. Here I have finished matchdrilling all the parts for the elevator bellcrank support.

The F-706 bulkhead clecoed together with the bellcrank supports for matchdrilling.


After matcdrilling and deburring everything, the parts for these 3 bulkheads are ready for primer. I will prepare some more parts before priming though.

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