Today after work I went and bought 2 U-channel aluminium profiles for keeping the rudder trailing edge straight while the sealing cures.

After I got home, I removed the right skin and used it for matchdrilling the first U-channel.

Then I used that U-channel for matchdrilling the other U-channel. Finally I deburred them both and they’re ready.

After that I dimpled the right skin trailing edge, that was quickly done with the pneumatic squeezer.

Then I clecoed the skin back on, and riveted it.

With both skins riveted on, except a few rivets I couldn’t reach, it was time to glue the trailing edge. I mixed up a bit of PR1422 sealing (alternative to ProSeal) brushed it on both sides of the trailing edge stiffener and slided it in position. Then I clecoed everything together, with the U-channels. It turned out pretty good, sealing has been squeezed out all along the trailing edge.

All I got to do now, is wait for the sealing to cure! 🙂