April 11, 2009

More bulkhead work

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Today I continued working on the aft fuselage bulkheads. First I noticed, that the plans call for flush rivets on a part of the F-706 bulkhead.

I will just dimple the bulkhead parts for this, but the small reinforcement angle from yesterday, had to get countersunk to accept the dimples. No big deal…

Next I dug out the part for the elevator control bellcrank.

After some matchdrilling and deburring…

..those parts were ready too!

The bellcrank needs two small bushings too, they are made from this piece of aluminum tube.


At the top of the aft fuselage, between bulkhead F-706 & F-707 is another reinforcement rib. At the rear end goes another small piece of angle. I cut the angle to lenght, matchdrilled it to the F-707 bulkhead and deburred it all.


Then I moved on to the second aft bulkhead, the F-711 bulkhead. This is a double bulkhead, which will support both the horizontal stabilizer and the tailwheel. Therefore it needs some sturdy alu bars to reinforce it. They are made from this piece of bar.

Cut to length and tapered in the upper outboard corners. (I know, they are not laid down correctly… sorry!! )

Matchdrilled to the bulkhead parts…

A part of these bulkhead parts has to be trimmed away, I marked the cut lines from the reinforcement bars when I had them clecoed on. (Note the slots in the bulkheads, again Van’s lends you a helping hand for trimming. Brilliant idea!!)

The bulkhead parts trimmed. I clecoed on the bars as guides for the final trimming.

After trimming, I deburred all the holes and edges. Using small strips of emery cloth help deburring between the bulkhead ‘fingers’.

Last thing to do on this bulkhead, was to make the upper support angle. Again I cut it to length, aligned it and matchdrilled it to the bulkhead.


Here are the F-709 and F-710 bulkheads. They are 1 piece bulkheads so the only needs deburring and fluting. Boring!!!

I only managed to finish the F-709 bulkhead before calling it a night. The in-laws paid us a visit, so off to the kitchen I went…


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