Today it was time to rivet the trailing edge. Yesterday I went and got a nice big steelbar from my friend Thomas, for back-riveting the trailing edge.

First I removed the U-channels and cleaned the holes and dimples for sealing. Then I put rivets in all the holes and taped them in place. After that I flipped the rudder over and arranged it so it was lying nice and flat against the steelbar.

I started riveting every ten’th rivet, but only a little bit. Then I continued riveting the middle one between those already set until they were all done.

After that I flipped the rudder over and finished the rivets from the other side. I am very pleased with the result, the trailing edge stayed perfectly straight.


Finally I rolled the leading edges with a ½” steel pipe. They still need a bit of fine tuning before they get riveted. I’ll do that tomorrow.