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Aft fuselage stringers

I didn’t update the blog yesterday, although I actually did spend a few hours building. The reason is I was moving my site to a new host, the downtime on my previous host was getting on my nerves. So, here it is, the same blog, different host.

Besides that, Palle who offered me my first RV ride a few weeks ago, sent me a bunch of photos taken by Stig in the RV-8, OY-RVS, that joined us during the flight. It’s great to have these photos from that great day!! 😀



So, back to my own project. Like I said I got a little bit done yesterday. I prepared the J-type stringers that strengthens the aft fuselage. First they get cut to lenght…


After cutting to lenght, I modified the stringer ends to match the bulkheads. I forgot to take photos of that, but here they are, put into position in the aft fuselage.


  1. Morten

    Fede billeder;-)

  2. Steffen

    Tjo, men dem af dig der danser riverdance er nu bedre!! 😀

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