I managed to get a good deal done today. I have had some trouble getting the tailcone skin to fit, like many other builders. Van’s really need to adjust the prepunched holes on this one.
Anyway, I started by trying to shape the skin a little, to make it fit the bulkheads better.

After shaping it as good as I could, I clecoed it back onto the fuselage assembly. Then I aligned the J-stringers using the centerlines I had drawn on them with the prepunched holes in the skins, and drilled every forth hole, clecoing them as I went along.

I managed to get the forward half of the tailcone skin holes aligned pretty well, but the aft holes were way off…


I desided to pull the skin down as tight as I could, drill the holes with #40, then enlarge them all to #30. I have seen others do this getting a pretty nice result. Here is the result, note all the 1/8″ cobber clecoes. It turned out pretty good so far.

After that I matchdrilled the remaining holes and took it all apart again. Ready for deburring!!