I kicked some building butt today, with 6 hours work on the aft fuselage. I began by driving to work to pick up the aft fuselage parts. When I got home, I spent about 2 hours dimpling the skins.


I also remembered to drill and dimple the screw holes for the rudder wire clamps.

With everything dimpled, I could start riveting the tail cone skin to the aft bulkhead. Unfortunately I had forgotten my tungsten bucking bar at work, so I had to drive there again to pick it up. Dow!!

When I got back, I riveted the aft bulkhead to the tailcone skin.

Next I clecoed on the tailwheel mount bracket and the F-711 bulkhead.

Here it is, riveted in place. The trick is to leave the tailwheel mount unbolted, till you’re done riveting the F-711 bulkhead. If you bolt it and rivet the keeper rivets, it is very hard to get to the aft rivets.

With the F-711 bulkhead riveted, I bolted on the tailwheel mount and riveted it to the F-712 bulkhead.aft-fuselage-038-400x

Now it was time to cleco the aft fuselage together again, for the last time!



I even managed to rivet the tailcone assembly to the sideskins tonight. I’m very pleased to see that this turned out very nice, after I had such a hard time getting this all to fit.