Today I started building the elevators. The left elevator is a little different than the right one, since it has a trimtab, but besides that they are alike. I decided to prepare the parts for both elevators at the same time.

The first thing to do, is cut the skin stiffeners to length, they are pretty much like the rudder stiffeners.

Here they are all cut to length. They still need to be tapered, which I will do tomorrow at work on our bench shears, like I did with the rudder stiffeners.

Then I matchdrilled the reinforcement plates to the spars.

After that I prepared all the ribs.

The elevator horn ribs gets matchdrilled.

Then these horns gets matchdrilled to the spars.

Each horn has a lead counterweight installed. These have to be matchdrilled to the horn skin and ribs.

Then the horn skin gets dimpled and the counterweight gets countersunk, so that the screws lies nice and flush.

Finally I took everything apart again, and spend a long time deburring and edge smoothing the parts.