After a few days away from the project, I’m finally back at it. With another public holiday Monday, I’m hoping to get a lot done this weekend.
I still have some tasks to complete before the center section parts are ready for primer. I bought the crotch strap bracket kit from Van’s along with the electric aileron trim kit. Both these kits gets installed between the seat ribs. Actually I had planned to install manual aileron trim, but I changed my mind here in the last minute, and upgraded to electric.

The crotch strap kit consists two sets of brackets, instructions and a drawing.

I clamped the left set together using a piece of 3/32″ alu bar as spacer, then measured out the exact position and drilled it to the first seat rib. After that I used that seat rib to trace the holes to the opposite seat rib and then to the other two seat ribs. (passenger side)

Each top flange gets two nutplates installed. I used a couple of nutplates as drilling guide.

After I was done with the drilling, except for the bolt holes that will attach the strap itself, I deburred all the holes and edges.

Finally I clecoed the seat section back together. The fit was very nice. 😀