The weather has been absolutely great here the last two days, so a little bit of gardening was in order. I did get time for some RV quality time as well, but the in-laws came by last night for some BBQ, so I didn’t get time to update my site.
Yesterday I started out preparing the parts for the electric aileron trim.

First I had to modify this trim block that will hold an control

I had to chamfer one edge, to make it sit nicely into the bracket.

I drilled two holes using my drill press…

Finally I made a notch, that will allow me to install a cotter pin into the trim control arm.

I trimmed the bracket to length & deburred all the edges.

Then I marked a line, and aligned and drilled it to the seat floor pan.

Then I bolted it to the center seat ribs, and drilled another two holes. This was as far as I got last night. 🙂

After drilling the holes for the plastic trim block and the nutplates, I countersank the block hole…

…and the nutplate holes.

A little deburring..

I had to find the neutral position of the trim servo. For that I used a 9volt battery.

Then I could put the whole trim assy together, so I could mark the position of the trim servo.

The assy in place, I fixed the servo to the rib with tape.

Then I carefully removed the rib and drilled the servo to the rib.

Now it was time to do the final hole deburring and surface scuffing. I also had to countersink various holes for nutplate rivets, like these ones on the seat belt brackets.

The baggage area ribs ready for primer.

I had to drill the outer seat rib nutplate

I managed to deburr all the baggage area ribs and about half the seat ribs today. I’m hoping to finish tomorrow, and get everything primed as well.