Although I have only managed to spend a little time now and then the past week, I got the center section ready for skin riveting, which my friend Bent and I did tonight.
Earlier this week I riveted the seat ribs and baggage ribs to the F-705 bulkhead.

Some of the upper seat rib to F-705 rivets were a little hard to get to, so I decided to wait and rivet them until tonight where I had an extra pair of hands. I was able to use the squeezer on all other rivets.

I also dimpled the skin during last week…

So, tonight we riveted the center fuselage bottom skin.

They all turned out perfect!! Again, thanks a bunch, Bent! 😀

Next up is to bend the longerons. The plans wanted me to do this a while back, but I didn’t see the point. They take up less space straight, and I haven’t needed them until now!