The most amazing thing happened today, I managed to spend some time working on my RV project for a change!! 😉
Yes, it has been way too long, but I have had some very busy weeks, once again..
My good friend Bent called me Saturday, saying how about we move those wings of yours on Sunday? So we did, which free’d up a lot of space in the shop for longeron bending. Great stuff! To move the wings, we had to lay them out on the lawn first, then move the wing stand to the storage location, then move the wings there, one by one.
Fuselage 001 [400x]

It really is great once again having some room for working.
Fuselage 002 [400x]

So today I dug out the fuselage longerons. They have to be bended into a curve, to form the fuselage shape. First I measured them out and trimmed them to lenght.
Fuselage 003 [400x]

Then I spend a little time fitting my vise to the workbench.
Fuselage 004 [400x]

So, now I’m pretty much ready to begin curving the longerons. Hopefully I will get them done sometime during this week.
Fuselage 005 [400x]