Its been another busy week, but not building rv unfortunately! I did get in some hours today though and almost got everything ready for primer.

 First I matchdrilled the right elevator control horn to the spar and root rib.

Then I took it apart again and deburred all the right elevator parts. I also removed the protection film from the rivet lines on the skin.

After that I moved on to the left elevator. Some of the stiffeners needed a little more trimming according to the plans, after that, I clecoed them onto the skin and matchdrilled them.

The left elevator includes a trim tab, for that a small servo is needed. This gets mounted to a cover that fits into an opening on the bottom side of the elevator skin. A doubler plate goes on the back of the skin to hold the cover. I clecoed it on and matchdrilled it.

Another shot of the bottom side of the left elevator skin.

Finally I matchdrilled the left elevator control horn to the spar and rib.

Still need a little bit of deburring, before everything is ready for primer…