I spend a few hours yesterday tweaking the longerons and drilling a few holes, but didn’t get time to update the site, so this post covers both saturday and sunday. After spending som more time tweaking the longerons to match the guide perfectly, next step was to drill the aft canopy decks to the longerons. I found that I had to do a bit more tweaking to make the longerons match these decks. Ah well, it wasn’t to hard and I’m sure it was worth the effort.
The aft deck edge has to align with the side skin edge, so I clamped a piece of .032 alu sheet to the longerons, to simulate the side skin.
Fuselage 012 [400x]

The right aft deck drilled and clecoed to the longeron.
Fuselage 013 [400x]

Another shot, different angle.
Fuselage 014 [400x]

After the aft decks had been drilled, it was time to make the sharp bends in the forward area of the longerons. They have to be bend 17° downwards to match the side skins. I traced this angle from one of the sideskin, to make me a guide.
Fuselage 015 [400x]

Fuselage 017 [400x]

Fuselage 016 [400x]

Then I made the bends. I pretty much followed the instructions for these ones, wasn’t too hard.
Fuselage 018 [400x]

Then I made the forward end twists, I used adjustabled spannes for this. No sweat! 🙂
Fuselage 019 [400x]

The last thing to do, was to make the notches for the horizontal stabilizer attachment bars. I used the aft fuselage deck as guide.
Fuselage 020 [400x]

Fuselage 021 [400x]

Fuselage 022 [400x]

With the longerons ready, I could slide them into position in the aft fuselage, (well, after using a file to enlarge the slots in the F-706, F-707 & F-708 bulkheads) and add the center fuselage. Luckily my mother were visiting my wife, so I had her help me lift the center fuselage in place. This is awesome! Finally it’s starting to take up some room! 😀
Fuselage 023 [400x]

Fuselage 024 [400x]