Tonight I managed to fit the side skins. They will have to come off again pretty soon to make the conical bend at the rear lower corner, but the plans tell you to fit them now and drill the armrests.
First I had to remake the corner rib aft reinforcements. I accidently flipped them over when I matcdrilled them to the corner ribs.
Fuselage 025 [400x]

Fuselage 026 [400x]

Next I marked the trim lines on the aft canopy decks…
Fuselage 027 [400x]

I used my die grinder with a cutting disc to trim these.
Fuselage 028 [400x]

Now it was finally time to fit the side skins. It is really starting to take up some room!! 😀
Fuselage 029 [400x]

Fuselage 030 [400x]

Fuselage 031 [400x]

It looks like I hit the right spot for the longeron downward bends…
Fuselage 032 [400x]

Fuselage 033 [400x]