After yet another busy week, making a little bit of progress on the fuselage felt great. First I removed the left side skin in order to make the conical bend.
Fuselage 040 [400x]

Then I clecoed on the piece of scrap angle I used for the other skin, this time to the lower side.
Fuselage 041 [400x]

Then I formed the conical bend by twisting the angle using a spanner, while pressing firmly on the sharp corner. This is what the plans call for and it worked pretty good. This time I nailed it on the first try!! 😀 Fuselage 042 [400x]

Fuselage 043 [400x]

Once the side skin gets dimpled, it should sit nice and flush…
Fuselage 044 [400x]

My wife paid me a visit, she’s almost 37 week along now, so fatherhood is closing in on me… 😉
Fuselage 047 [400x]

With both side skins in place, it was time to get the longerons drilled to the skins. I drilled them both before calling it a day. Next up, is to start fitting the last bulkhead, the firewall! Coool….
Fuselage 048 [400x]