It was a short night in the shop tonight, but I still managed to cross something off the list! 🙂
The forward fuselage, that is the part between the big F-704 bulkhead and the firewall, has to become the strongest part of the fuselage. For that it needs a lot of stiffeners and reinforcements.
The first ones are the F-713 Auxiliary Longerons…
Fuselage 061 [400x]

They have to be trimmed at the rear ends to fit, I used my disc cutter again.
Fuselage 062 [400x]

Both longerons trimmed!
Fuselage 063 [400x]

Then I marked the centerline on them, and drilled and clecoed them to the fuselage. That’s all for tonight! 🙂
Fuselage 064 [400x]

Fuselage 065 [400x]