This morning I went to my work and made myself a new tool. My squeezer can’t reach many of the holes in the ribs, and using the blind-riveter dimple tool is too time consuming. So I made a dimple tool out of an old visegrip plyers and an old dimple set.


It is really useful for dimpling a lot of the ribs.

When I got home, I dimpled both skins and all the understructure. It took me about 1½ hour. I would say I saved at least 45 minutes with this new tool. Great stuff!! 😀

With all the dimpling done, it was time to backrivet the stiffeners to the skins. Here’s the first row of rivets taped to the skin.

The right elevator skin done.

Both skins done…

Finally I started building the understructures, but ran out of time as we are going out tonight… 🙂