After almost 8 weeks away from the project, it felt great to spend a few hours in the shop today. It’s a big thing becoming a parent. It sure messes with your priorities, but I’m sure there will still be room for some RV quality time! 😉

So anyway, after cleaning up and dusting down the shop, I started working on the F-719 Auxiliary longerons. First thing was to fabricate 2 small angle clips, that will attach the longerons to the firewall angle.
Fuselage 066 [400x]

Fuselage 067 [400x]

Then I trimmed and backdrilled the Auxiliary longerons to the side skins. I followed Brad Olivers hint, and only drilled the angle clip-to-longeron holes, then marked and drilled the hole from the firewall angle side, so I didn’t have to remove the side skins. They turned out perfect!!
Fuselage 068 [400x]

Fuselage 069 [400x]

Fuselage 070 [400x]

Fuselage 071 [400x]

Next up was the F-717 lower longerons. These a pretty sturdy longerons that go were the sideskins join with the forward bottom skin. First they get cut to length…
Fuselage 072 [400x]

Fuselage 073 [400x]

Then the aft lower flanges get trimmed. This was all for today!
Fuselage 074 [400x]

Fuselage 075 [400x]