I have been spending half an hour now and then in the shop the past week, but nothing worth posting. Today I finished the F-684 gussets, so I thought I better post a few photos..! 🙂

First I had to drill the holes, that bolt F-717 lower longerons to the firewall steel brackets.
Fuselage 076 [400x]

I had to modify the forward ends of the longerons a bit to make them fit.
Fuselage 077 [400x]

Fuselage 078 [400x]

Both longerons drilled and temporary bolted!
Fuselage 079 [400x]

Fuselage 080 [400x]

Time to make the F-684 gussets.
Fuselage 081 [400x]

Here they have been trimmed. The two flanges has to be bend a little bit to sit flush against the firewall steel bracket and angle. I just put them in my vice, and made the bends by hand. Took a few tries, but turned out nice.
Fuselage 082 [400x]

Here I have marked the gussets holes, to check for edge distance.
Fuselage 083 [400x]

Fuselage 084 [400x]

Both flanges drilled. After that I repeated the whole procedure for the left side.
Fuselage 085 [400x]

Fuselage 086 [400x]

With both gussets done, I started preparing the F-902 bulkheads. First I enlarged the holes for the rudder cables.
Fuselage 087 [400x]

First one deburred and fluted. No more time today…
Fuselage 088 [400x]