Yesterday I spent 3 hours preparing and drilling the F-7101 Gear Attach Webs. I had to radius the edges, to make them fit well in between the F-719 Auxiliary longerons and the F-717 lower longerons. Then I drilled them using the skin holes as guide.
Fuselage 089 [400x]

Like many other builders, I noticed a gap between the Gear Attach Webs and the F-902 Bulkheads. I decided to fabricate shims to fill out the gap.
Fuselage 090 [400x]

For me, .040 shims were the right thickness.
Fuselage 091 [400x]

After making these shims, I drilled the F-7101 flanges to the F-902 Bulkheads. Finally I took everything apart and deburred.
Fuselage 092 [400x]