December 5, 2009

Finished Rudder pedals

Category: Forward Fuselage — Steffen @ 21:37 — Hours: 4.5

Wow, where did the last 4 weeks go..??!
I have to admit this daddy stuff take a lot of time! 😉

Ah well, I managed to finish the rudder pedals today. First I drilled the rudder pedal side plates to the angles..
Fuselage 107 [400x]

The pedal assemblies clecoed together.
Fuselage 108 [400x]

According to the plans, you can trim the angles to save weight. Well, all it really saves you is a couple of grams, but I think they look better trimmed, so I did it anyway.Fuselage 109 [400x]

Fuselage 110 [400x]

A trimmed pedal angle set!
Fuselage 111 [400x]

Finally I countersank the pedals and sideplates.
Fuselage 112 [400x]

Instead of painting these pedals, I desided to aludine them.
Fuselage 113 [400x]

The pedals riveted together…
Fuselage 114 [400x]

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