Tonight I installed the rudder pedal assembly. It is up to the builder to decide the exact position of the pedals, depending on how tall he or she is. Van’s recommend drilling extra holes, so pedal positions can be changed easily later. After calculating different hole patterns, I decided to drill 3 sets of holes, with 1¼” spacing. That should keep me from having interfering holes. The plans tell you to leave at least 3″ space forward of the rudder pedal assembly, I went with 3½”
Fuselage 116 [400x]

I then removed the auxiliary longerons, clamped the right longeron to the table and drilled the holes using the bearing block as drill guide.
Fuselage 117 [400x]

I marked the bearing block positions to the longeron, then traced these positions to the left longeron and drilled that as well.
Fuselage 118 [400x]

Fuselage 119 [400x]

Finally I bolted the assembly in place…
Fuselage 120 [400x]