I finally manged to put in the last hours needed
to complete the rudder pedal assembly.
First I dug out the F-6118 Rudder Pedal Brace, which supports the pedal assembly in the middle.

It had to be modified a bit…

Then I cut the center bearing block in half.
I had already drilled the bolt holes in this a while ago.
I used a small hacksaw for this, a bandsaw would have been much better, but I don’t have one. Ah well…

I clamped the Rudder Pedal Brace in place, and used my angle drill to drill it to the firewall angle.

Last I drilled the bearing block bolt holes for the 3 rudder pedal positions.

Then it was time to install the brake master cylinders. After lining up everything, I used a short drill bit to mark the bolt hole positions.

All installed!! 😀

Last thing to do here, was to make some lightening holes in the Rudder Pedal Brace. I used a fly-cutter for this…

Next up is the floor stiffeners. I prepared for these by installing the forward fuselage bottom skin.