This post consists of a few hours work put in on wednesday, saturday and sunday.
One of the things I finished, was the outer floor stiffeners. Since the hole patterns for the inboard and outboard stiffeners are the same, I used the inboard stifferners to trace 3 holes to the outboard stiffeners. That way I could use clecoes to hold them in place while I drilled the last holes.

Then it was time to prepare the F-724 vertical baggage area ribs.

After deburring them, I clecoed and drilled them to the side skins.

The edge distance on the tab that rivets to the corner rib wasn’t too great, but it will do.

Next was the F-722 horizontal baggage ribs. These curve with the side skins, so after deburring them, I fluted them.

Clecoed and drilled!!

Finally I dug out the F-750 Aft Baggage Covers.

Again, cleco and drill.

I took everything apart again, deburred and scuffed it. Ready for primer here…

I also countersank all the floor stiffeners.
(Except for the 8 end holes, where the stiffener joggles over the spar and firewall angle.)

Then I enlarged the pilot holes in the F-724 vertical baggage area ribs for rudder control wire snap bushings. I also made a 7/16″ hole in the top of these for static line and wire runs.

The last thing I did Sunday, was countersink the ribs for nutplates.