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Ooops..! Another 3 months gone by with no progress. This is no good. So what is the excuse this time? Well, first of all, I have been taking my international radio licence (BEG). I have been wanting to do this for a long time, so when time comes, I could make some overseas trips. I finally passed the test last monday. Yay!! 😀
Besides that there’s the usual spring stuff, like a bit of gardening, the annual inspection on my fathers PA28 Cherokee and my own biannual flying test. We have also had a pretty busy springtime at work, my main job lately has been making Aircraft Maintenance Programs (AMP’s) for new customers in our CAMO division. ( Yes, that’s right.. I’m stuck behind a desk at the moment… sorry!!
Wait, that’s not completely true; I had the Fouga over for annual inspection a few weeks ago. After the inspection, I joined the owner/pilot on a testflight in it. I brought a HD videocamera along on the testflight and got some neat clips..

Last but not least, my daughter Emily steals a lot of time as well. She’s doing very well btw,  she’s almost 9 months old now and weighs 8½kg. (19lbs) She’s a big talker.. babbling on for hours! 🙂

Well, today I finally made a big step towards getting back into building. I made the big springtime cleanup in the workshop.

Oh yeah, I actually did prime all the parts prepared in the last post. I just never get around to post a photo…:

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  1. Kent

    Hej Steffen.
    Jeg var da lige ved at være helt nervøs for dig siden du ikke havde været inde og sende nyheder omkring dit projekt. Har faktisk været forbi ude ved dig, desværre en dag hvor I/du ikke var hjemme.
    Jeg kigger forbi en dag, hvis det er OK.
    Hilsen Kent

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