June 13, 2010

Fuselage disassembly

Category: Forward Fuselage — Steffen @ 23:50 — Hours: 5,5

The most amazing thing happened today; I actually managed to put in some quality time with my RV.  😉
My gosh it’s been a long time, I can’t even remember when the last time was. One of the reasons for the delays this spring, has been the top wish in the wife-do-list, a garden pavillon. I finally finished that a few weeks ago.

So, back to the RV!
After studying the plans for a while, and figuring out how to continue, I removed the
F-713 Auxiliary Longerons and the F-717 lower longerons, then deburred and countersunk them.
NOTE: remember not to countersink the F-713 Auxiliary Longerons, where the bolt for the fuel tank attach brackets goes!!!

The longerons and gear attach webs ready for primer…

Then I removed the firewall.

..deburring holes!

Then countersinking the lower firewall stiffener.

Finally I dimpled the stainless steel flanges. I used my pneumatic squeezer.

Before removing the side skins, I had to make the holes for the wing wiring conduit and pitot tubing. I went and made a template from the wing to position the conduit hole.

The position of the pitot tubing is a little off, I think I will reroute the tubes between the 2 inner wing ribs, to make them line up with theses holes. There will be 2 pitot lines, because I plan on installing a AOA pitot system.

Finally I could remove the side skins.

My neighbour dropped by, so I had him help me lift the center fuselage of the aft fuselage.
That was all for today, I plan on priming the ready parts tomorrow.

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