So, I put another bit of effort in getting the fuselage parts ready for reassembly today.
First I removed the outer seat ribs and the bagage area corner ribs, and deburred the last rivet holes.

Then I started out on the side skins. First I removed the protection film…

…then I deburred all the holes and edges. Ready for primer!

I had almost forgotten to install the bracket for my TruTrak autopilot elevator servo..

I had to drill out 4 rivets in the bellcrank support rib…

…before I could align and drill the servo bracket.

After that I marked the holes on the lower bracket flange.


I cleco’ed the F-706 bulkhead back in place, and used a long #40 drill to matchdrill the skin.

After countersinking and deburring, the bracket is also ready for primer. Hopefully tomorrow. 🙂