I managed to put in a bit of time during the last week, so the fuselage is now slowly coming together again.
I riveted the angle clips to the  F-719 Auxiliary longerons.

Then I clecoed the autopilot pitch servo bracket to the  F-706 bulkhead reinforcement rib…

… and riveted it.

I also removed the film from the aft fuselage skin, where the servo bracket gets riveted. Then deburred and dimpled the holes.

I deburred and dimpled the part of the center fuselage skin, that overlap the aft fuelage skin.

Deburred and dimpled the F-705 bulkhead sides!

Then I lifted the center fuselage back onto the main longerons and aft fuselage.

I deburred the outboard seat ribs…

…and dimpled the hole just above the wing aft spar attach point. I will be installing a flush head rivets here, as I have read a protruding head might interfere with the wing aft spar.

Reinstalled the seat ribs.

Finally I dimpled the side skins.

I also rivet the  F-704H center section side plates to the side skins. The rivets right next to the wing spar cutouts are impossible to get to once the skins are installed, so these are riveted before.

Note: Don’s rivet the forward (left) lower rivet in this picture just yet. The forward fuselage floor needs this hole..