I still haven’t recieved the #6 screw dimple set, but my colleague Rune who is also building a RV-7, kindly lend me his. So tonight I got a little done on the left elevator.

First I dimpled the trim cover and doubler screw holes.

Instead of dimpling the anchornuts for the trim cover screws, I decided to use NAS1097 rivets like many other RV builders. These rivets have a smaller head than the standard AN426 rivets, which means you can countersink the doubler without enlarging the holes. This produces a much nicer finish.

Notice how little you have to countersink to make this rivet sit flush.

Anchornut ready to get backriveted.

After the anchornuts were riveted, I backriveted the doubler to the skin! Turned out very nice!! 😀

Next thing is to bend the ends of the skin, where the trim tab goes. For that I need to make a block to bend it against. I made that from some 1″ MDF.

Checking to see the fit. I need to mark the bend lines, but its getting late, so I’m calling it a night.