I spend 4 hours during friday and saturday, making minor adjustment and getting closer to riveting the fuselage together.
After fitting the side skins, I wasn’t quite happy with the lower center fuselage skin to conical bend joint. As you can see, it theres a small gap.

The gap might disappear once it get riveted, but im not taking any chances, so I removed the sideskin again, and bended the edge a little.

Much better!! Did the same to the other side..

I also worked on the butt joinst just forward of the conical bends. It took a lot of trial fits before I was satisfied. It’s still not perfect, but with a bit of proseal, it should be ok.

Emily helped me a bit friday, mostly by pointing out stuff. I’m glad she’s not my tech¬†inspector!! ūüėČ

Saturday I started out by riveting the F-684 Gussets to the firewall.

I couldn’t reach the 2 lower rivets, I will bring home the hand squeezer from work on¬†monday. I think it will reach.

Also riveted the  F-7101 Gear Attach Webs to the F-902 Bulkheads.

The shims are in place.

Finally I clecoed the forward fuselage together. Almost ready to start riveting..