So, made another few adjustments tonight, even managed to set a few rivets.

I had brought home the hand squeezer, so I could set the last rivets in the firewall
F-684 Gussets.

I had to modify the squeezer yoke a little bit for access.

There we go…

Next I fitted the firewall and cockpit floor.

I cleco’d the hardware for the forward wing attachment.

Then I drilled and countersunk the bottom holes for the screws.

After that, I removed the cockpit floor again and set the F-902 Bulkhead to lower longeron rivets.

Also set the center floor stiffener forward rivets..

…and the forward two of the aft rivets. I gonna remove the bolts temporary, to set the aft ones.

Speaking of bolts, the last thing I did, was install the lower longeron-to-firewall bolts.