I am going on a skitrip friday morning, so I decided to finish the left elevator tonight.

First I wanted to install the trim servo. It gets installed on the inside of the trim access cover by 2 brackets.

After removing the panel, I taped the aft surface for marking the position of the servo brackets.

Then I matchdrilled the brackets to the cover.

I had to trim a tiny bit of the outboard bracket…

The 2 aft rivets have very little clearance, since the servo is tilted. There is not enough room here for dimpling, so I decided to do like Mike Nipp, and install NAS 1097 rivets here.

Here the brackets have been riveted to the cover.


Finally I installed the servo in the brackets, and the whole thing into the elevator. I had to extend the servo with a 9volt battery to get it to fit.

Then it was time to roll the leading edges. I pretty much got a system down for doing this. Using the pipe wrench really helps a lot, furthermore using the wrench in the slot between my tables, allows the elevator to rest flat on the table.


Thats it!!! The left elevator is done, so is the empenage. Well, still need the fairings, but I will do all those later on. Next thing is the wings…