August 10, 2010

Riveting fuselage 2

Category: Forward Fuselage — Steffen @ 22:57 — Hours: 3

I have made a few changes to my site. First, I have rebuild the Building Log, so hopefully it is a bit easier to navigate.
Second, I have installed a nice Lightbox Image viewer plugin, so from now on, when you click an image, you can view it in a larger scale. Hope you like it!! 😀

Besides that, my good buddy Bent came by yesterday, and helped me rivet some fuselage. We started out with the F-704 bulkhead rivets.

Then we riveted the outboard seat ribs…

…and the rivets around the aft wing spar attachment fork.

Bolt installed and torqued!

The baggage area ribs to F-706 bulkhead was a pain in the …., but now they’re in! It’s important to use a heavy bucking bar, or the rivet set tend to jump a bit.

The outboard seat ribs to F-705 bulkhead also set!

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