November 8, 2010

Riveting fuselage 4

Category: Forward Fuselage — Steffen @ 23:32 — Hours: 4

It’s amazing how fast time flies by. It’s been a pretty busy summer workwise, which is great in these times of financial crisis. Of course Emily has stolen a lot of my time too, which is the way it should be!! I love spending time with her, watching her evolve.

Nevertheless, I like building RV as well, although it has been down-prioritized somewhat. 😉
Tonight, my good friend Bent came over to help me rivet the forward cockpit floor, which was the last step before turning the fuselage over. What an excellent night it was!!!

Before Bent arrived, I mixed up some proseal, for the floor stiffeners. I read somewhere, that sealing these could minimize some vibrations at high rpm settings. Well, it can’t hurt to try…

Then I applied a bead of fire sealant around the firewall. I used 3M FIRE BARRIER 2000, which I find very easy to work with.

Well, fastforward a couple of hours, the fuselage is finally upright!! This is the point I consider halfway, so it’s quite a milestone!! 😀


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